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How communication in families suffer today

We Need To Talk

If you are going out with your partner for a get- away-night, from the family or kids, leave your phone on silent. Do not answer the calls during dinner. Make your partner your #1 priority and your main focus while you have the time. If you must call home, have a designated time to check in.

People can and do become addicted to the Internet. It’s time to see just how much time our Internet, instant messaging, chat rooms or Facebook type programs take in our average day. Can we turn the phone off or ignore it, when a call comes in? Can we go a full weekend, without logging in online? If the answer is no, then we need to check our priorities and make some changes.

It is a proven fact that phones, instant messaging, chat rooms etc… Cause the average couple to have less time for physical contact or communicating with each other.

How do we break bad habits? Can we get that time back? Is my relationship at risk?

Article written by Tamra Lynn Smith copyright. 01/14/2012

Used by permission only.

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